OpenGL problem

Discussion created by matt99 on Jul 20, 2009
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We are making the 3D application within a Windows XP PC. We were using ATI Radeon X300 models. Our application is a kind of 3D polygon analyzer. It doesn't need powerful 3D performance, so Radeon X300 model was enough spec for us.

Now we are trying to upgrade our graphic card but there is a problem. It works too slowly in some parts. HD 4350 model is used for test. Our application is using OpenGL to display.

This is a part of our codes. (Sorry, we can’t show you the whole sources.)


glBegin( GL_TRIANGLES );

for(i=0; i<3; i++)


  pVertex = pFacet->m_pVertex;  // pVertex & pFacet is our own classes.

  glNormal3d( pVertex->m_normal.x, pVertex->m_normal.y, pVertex->m_normal.z );

  glVertex3d( pVertex->m_node.x, pVertex->m_node.y, pVertex->m_node.z );




With these simple codes, HD 4350 model is 500 TIMES SLOWER than X300. And application also works fast when the Hardware acceleration in display properties is set to None. These codes are used in picking operation in our application, and other functions are working fine. (Polygon display, texture, wireframe viewer, &hellip 

So could you tell us how can we fix this problem? Is there any update patch? We've tried drivers with different versions. Using other latest graphic cards may not help us, core chipset is same, aren’t they?


Thank you in advance.