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    Hardware Benchmarking tools


      Im using AMD opteron 4-core PC. When i parallelise(Using OpenMP) and run a serial legacy application on the 4-core i get very inconsistent results when compared to the results on a single or dual core. I want to benchmark my PC to know how well the 4-cores are being utilised and to check the load on each core. Could someone please suggest some good tools that would give the above information as well as the information on the memory usage etc....


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          I think that AMD CodeAnalyst can help you, but I'm not sure that you will be able to do all the things you want to do (as I have never tried it).

          You could also try Intel Parallel Studio...

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              Hi Ziple,
              I've used Code Analyst. It works fine but doesnt give exactly the same thing that i need. Does Intel Parallel Studio work on AMD Processors? Have u used them before?

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                  According to intel's own guy it should work:

                  "By some general meaning of 'software support' - it doesn't, meaning that we do not test the software on AMD platforms and we do not commit to investigate specific issues with AMD platforms.
                  However, if you take a look at Release Notes, you will see that Parallel Studio can work on "compatible non-Intel processor" if it's IA-32 or Intel® 64 architecture and it supports the Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (Intel® SSE2) instructions (which is true for most AMD processors). So, you might want to try the tool on AMD platform and most probably it will work fine there."