A possible power save function for swift / fusion?

Discussion created by Suxxess on Jul 14, 2009
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I have two questions

With the swift technic you would have a grafic unit on the prozessor. It is possible that you deactivate the pci express slot for the grafic card while the system is running, so that you only use the grafic unit in the prozessor? (Perhaps you could simulate a plugged grafic card with a software command)

So that the pci express slot stop his power supply? In this case your grafic card consum 0 Watt in the idle mode.And if the computer need the grafic power, you could simulate a connected grafic card with the same software command.

And my second question is: 

Why do you don't develop a external grafic interface for the notebook market? Like an extern pci express interface? The grafic card could be in an external case like a hard drive. The notebooks have a lot of CPU power, but only low end grafic chips. 

I am sure that you could sell a lot of notebooks and grafic cards in such cases as desktop replacements. (The notebooks should have a video-in connection, so that the customer don't need an external monitor)