OpenGL, GLSL, Clipping planes - once again

Discussion created by dar1243 on Jul 6, 2009
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I'v made a simple test program demonstrating that custom cliping planes do not work on ATI (I'v tested on 1900XT and 4800HD, catalysts 9.5 and 9.6)
The link to the program is here: http://mxadd.org/bin/ATIClip.zip
In vertex shader I'm outputing gl_ClipVertex, in code I'm enabling clip plane and setting equation - and all works perfectly on any nvida card ... but not on ATI smirk
I'm doing something totaly wrong - or ATI just does not support cliping planes in OpenGL ?
(Under DX9 / 10 they work perfecly without performance drop - so hardware is capable)

Is the ATI OpenGL implementation so buggy ?
I'v send a bug raport few weeks ago thru 'servicedesk@amddevcentral.com' but no one bothered to ansfer,
Is there any other mail where i should raport driver bugs or they just don't care ?