Subcontracting for AMD/ATI

Discussion created by ilghiz on Jul 1, 2009
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wish to share our numerical knowledge in HPC to improve AMD CPU/GPU libraries


would like to be advised to whom can I can forward my question. Our company developed a lot of numerical software starting from sparse/dence/compressed linear system solvers, CFD and wave propargation and many others. Last year we port a lot of our software to NVIDIA GPUs (I can provide 4 reference links from NVIDIA corporate site to our site).

We can use our 17 years software development experience to considerably improve ACML that will compete with MKL and beat most of CUDA enabled BLAS/LAPACK and other scientific libraries.

It would be very kind if somebody can forward this message or my contacts to some executives in AMD for discussion.


Ilgis Ibragimov


Dr. Ilgis Ibragimov


Elegant Mathematics Ltd.