GPU memory leak?

Discussion created by Raistmer on Jun 26, 2009
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After many iterations there was such error issued:

Input streams Allocation failed.
Stream Allocation : Failed to create Buffer

I create streams by different means.

1. Local (to block) variables.
They shoudl be destructed at end of block.

2. via new/delete
It seems each new has corresponding delete....

3. by using domain() method.

What will be with memory allocated for substream in next situation:

1)big stream created via new.
2)substream created via domain()
3) initial big stream deleted via delete before end of vivibility area for substream.

Will substream be destroyed correctly in this case and will GPU memory be freed?

Any known bugs with GPU memory release for some of these situations ?

EDIT: or there is some another reason for such error message exists, not connected with GPU memory leak ?