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    possible bug involving const buffers

      "2D Memory cannot be used for constant buffer "cb0""

      Hi there,

      I seem to be getting an error message returned from calGetErrorString() after calCtxSetMem()'ing a 1D resource to a constant buffer.  (The resource was allocated with calResAllocLocal1D()).  The message is:

      2D Memory cannot be used for constant buffer "cb0"

      Despite this, the buffer still actually seems usable though. 

      This is with cal 1.4 with catalysts 9.5 and 9.6 on 64-bit linux (clone of rhel 5.3 and I think it is also on 5.1).  This occurs in my own code and also e.g. if one adds a call to calGetErrorString in the appropriate place in Samples.cpp in the SDK.  (From memory I don't think this error occurred with significantly older cals/catalysts.) 

      If anybody could confirm that the error message is indeed only a superficial one that would be much appreciated.