Assistance with multi GPU build.

Discussion created by sinusoidal85 on Jun 19, 2009


I currently own an Asus P6T7 which many of you likely know has 7 PCI-E lanes, 4 of which are at full spec 2.0 bandwidth.

I have four 4870x2 GPUs and would like to add 1 FirePro V8700. I'm of course not intending to do ANY gaming.

My question is: will this work? Or will there be some serious driver compatibillity/support issues preventing such a configuration from functioning.

I don't neccesarily want to use the V8700 in tandem with the four 4870x2 GPUs. I would like the V8700 in my system soley for SolidWorks and other CAD programs.

A few more details: I intend on using the first 4 PCI-E slots for the 4870x2s (they will fit, they're being water cooled), leaving a PCI-E 2.0 slot available for the V8700.

Anyhow, any information in regard to my query would be most appreciated.

Thank You.