[solved] Brook+ 1.4 - Address virtualiziation? Reduce Streams?

Discussion created by Sternenprinz on Jun 18, 2009
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i got new problems while my experiments with Stream:


If i create a kernel which just outputs data (e.g. zeros) in a 1D-Stream and the stream size exceeds the usual 8192 the output data is sometimes corrupted (usually one corrupted value at varying positions [looks like Bus-Errors -> often one Bit wrong], sometimes all values beginning at 8192 are corrupted or simply not transfered).

On the other hand, if i create a 2D Stream of the same total size (e.g. 8192x8 instead of 65536) everything works fine.

Any ideas what my Noobishness could have done wrong?(I cant provide a meaningfull demo, because the demo surprisingly works*)


* Exactly(!) the same code as the buggy one, problem persits if both -the working/no working- versions are in the same build. Strange...

2) Reduce streams...

The following demo produces several different results, depending on 1D/2D Stream, single Value/output Stream, size of input Stream, input data (0s or 1s), counting dependend on input data/simply counting iterations, and so on...


#include "brook/Device.h"
#include "brook/Stream.h"
#include "brookgenfiles/count.h"

int main(int,char**)
    #define    USE_REDUCESTREAM 0
    typedef unsigned int TYPE;
    static const unsigned int AMD_TEXTURE_SIZE    = 8192*16;
    static const unsigned int BUFFERSIZE        = 65536;
    static const unsigned int D1                = (BUFFERSIZE % AMD_TEXTURE_SIZE) ? (BUFFERSIZE % AMD_TEXTURE_SIZE) : AMD_TEXTURE_SIZE;
    static const unsigned int D2                = (BUFFERSIZE / AMD_TEXTURE_SIZE);
    static const unsigned int D                    = D2 ? 2 : 1;
    unsigned int streamSize[] = { D1 , D2 };
    TYPE zeroes[BUFFERSIZE];
    brook::Stream< TYPE >* zeroStream = new brook::Stream< TYPE >(D,streamSize);
    streamSize[0] = 1;
    streamSize[1] = 1;
    brook::Stream< TYPE >* reduceStream    = new brook::Stream< TYPE >(D,streamSize);

    for (int i=0;i
        zeroes = (TYPE)1;

        TYPE symbolCount = (TYPE)-1;
            countNonNull    (*zeroStream,*reduceStream);
            countNonNull    (*zeroStream,symbolCount);
        if (symbolCount == (TYPE)-1)
            std::cout << "not done" << std::endl; else
            std::cout << "result: "    << symbolCount;

    delete zeroStream;
    delete reduceStream;
    return 0;

reduce void countNonNull(uint data<>,reduce uint nonNullCount<>
    if (data > (uint) 0)
        nonNullCount += (uint)1;

// MSVC 9.0 SP1 - Stream 1.4 Beta - Catalyst 9.6 - HD4650 - 790GX Chipset