short2 in Stream 1.4 Beta supported? Bug?

Discussion created by Sternenprinz on Jun 16, 2009
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while my first steps with Stream i got the following problem:

Modifying the 'Copy-Kernel' from the samples from 'float' to 'short' works, to 'short2' crashes constantly (-> Program hangs, -> GPU-Recover tries to get GPU back up). After 3-4 crashes that way all GPU acceleration including 2D-Desktop acceleration vanishes until system reboot.


kernel void copy(short i<>, out short o<>
    o = i;


kernel void copy(short2 i<>, out short2 o<>
    o = i;

Any ideas?


System Details:

Driver Packaging Version    8.612-090428a-080257C-ATI (current Catalyst 9.5)

Graphics Chipset    ATI Radeon HD 4650

Stream Distribution: 1.4 Beta (aquired 6.15 -> yesterday)

OS: WinXP SP3 32bit