Stream with elements of user-defined type - how?

Discussion created by Raistmer on Jun 15, 2009
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when these errors will disappear?

struct gpu_ap_signal{
int time_series[64];
int time_series_len;
int peak_bin;
float peak_power;
int scale;
double period;
int ffa_scale;
int n_client_bins;
};//R: parts of ap_signal needed in GPU code
struct gpu_ap_signals{
int num_of_signals;
struct gpu_ap_signal signal[30];
};//R: this type will be used as element of output stream in kernel call

kernel void GPU_FFA_kernel(float data[],int n_bins,float min_freq,out struct gpu_ap_signals s<>){

ERROR--1: Stream element type not supported
Statement: out struct gpu_ap_signals s<>

float gpu_temp[4096];
ERROR--3: Problem with Array variable declaration: Local Array not supported yet
Statement: float gpu_temp[4096]

No global variables at all , no local arrays, no more or less complex structures...

ERROR--7: Problem with call expression in kernel: kernel can't call a non-kernel
Statement: int_log2(per_int) in max_coadd = int_log2(per_int)

So, no callable functions? Is it possible to use macros at least ???