IL Output array

Discussion created by Fithik1242 on Jun 15, 2009
output array in IL kernel without global buffer

My videocard doesn’t  supports the global buffer g[]. I use the indexed_temp_array xN (scratch_buffer_IL  in the samples directory) in the kernel. But I want the output array in each kernel (rough 2000 elements) and my 2 questions:


1)      Can I indexing more then four elements in each output (with “dcl_output_... oN\n” I thing)?

I was found “dcl_output_RenderTargetArrayIndexed…” and  “dcl_output_ViewportArrayIndexed…” in the  Intermediate_Language_Specification, but I haven’t understood how to use this command yet.


2)      How can I mapping the global buffer x[] memory after calCtxRunProgram?

When I used the calResMap standard construction I couldn’t reached the valid result.

I set the significances of x[] with calResMap before calCtxRunProgram and then I mapped x[] with calResMap standard construction and the significances of x[] were unchanged, though the kernel had to change it.