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Using all the Multi-Core power .aka anti-hyperthreading

 I once read that AMD was looking into having their Multi-core cpus utilized as if it was a single or dual core processor.. Instead of going the Intel route and having a cpu appear like it had more cores (hyperthreading). Which made sense to me at the time I read it.. Being most programs are not setup for a 4 core cpu.. Wouldnt it be great to be able to use the power of all four cores on lets say 2 threads or even one? In my opinion that would make a power house of a cpu.. A "Dual Core" with the power of a four core.. Not intels a 8 core with the power of a 4 core... I am not to sure how this could be done... But anything is possible.. If intel can do hyperthreading, why couldnt amd do the opposite? I would love to have all four of my cores working on my programs like they were one core.. Just seems to make more sense to me.. Anyone have a oppinion about this? How would this be done and is it possible?