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    Read - Write streams

      I don`t know how to turn this on

      i`ve got computation multiply(A,B, out A). In one kernel it`s A=A*B so there should be no problems with reading and writing in the same time

      I wanted to use read-write streams and i get the message:

      Env var BRT_PERMIT_READ_WRITE_ALIASING can be used do allow input-output aliasing. 


      Where do i change this environmental variable ?

        • Read - Write streams

          You need to change in system properties or set it on your command prompt where you run your application.

            • Read - Write streams

              im sorry but could you tell me how to do this - step by step

              because it isnt in environmental variables and other than that - im out of ideas

              i`ve writen set BRT_PERMIT_READ_WRITE_ALIASING 1

              and win7 writes that there is no environmental variable of that name

              edit2 i`ve made this variable and set it to 1 and it writes error - you can use that variable to permit read-write ops