HLSL shader question

Discussion created by ouch on May 29, 2009
Latest reply on May 30, 2009 by bpurnomo

ok, I feel so stupid because I can't seem to fix this myself without takeing extreme measures. (there must be a better way) But here's the problem:

lets say you have a 2d plane model. (flat square) And on that plane is a normal map of half a sphere. So when you look around the plane the light reflects off it's seemingly smooth surface. Now what i want to do is to take an ordinary picture (ati logo for instance) and apply it to that plane. This sounds simple enough, and it is, but how do you get the image to distort approprietly according to the normal map? So that when rotated the image appears to be on the curved surface of the normal?

The only thing I've come up with involves reflections and refractions. But there must be a less GPU intensive approach.