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    Difference between Firestream 9250 and Firestream 9270



      at the moment i'm using a Firestream 9250, is their a big performance gain between the 9250 and 9270? Would i get more speedup with a 9270? Because the Stream KernelAnalyser shows almost the same values only the Throughput ist 1075M on the 9250 and 1290 on the 9270.



        • Difference between Firestream 9250 and Firestream 9270

          Hi Peterp, 9270 has a little faster core clock, but the main difference between them is the memory bandwidth, so if you use a kernel that requires little data but has high arithmetic intensity the difference would be small, on the other hand if your kernel is small or requires a lot of memory access you'll get some some speedup, I think you can expect something about 20%.

          KernelAnalyser gives you an estimation, but real kernel performance depends on other factors like your memory access patterns.

          I'm not sure whether Radeon 4890 is currently supported by Brook+, but if you're very concerned with performance, there are 1 GHz card models that could provide about 50% more speed than 9250.