Discussion created by digiViz on May 14, 2009

When is ATI going to fix there problem with the H.264 codec.
TV in the oceanic area is all broad casted in the codec and ATI chips can not play it correctly so all the people over here with media centers have now had to go buy a intel chipset with a Nvidia on board video card.
Although oceanic area is small its still a market that you are loosing fast in the media center area.
I work for a company that produce and sell media centers and we have stopped buying ATI/AMD system for this reason alone. We consider the ATI/AMD on board media boards far superior but because they cant do what we need with the new broad casted TV we cant use them.
I have read up alot and it seems that its just a catilyst problem so was wondering if there might be something in the works to fix this problem.