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    VS Add-in fails to load

      'CAToolBar.connect' failed to load or caused an exception - error 80040154 class not registered

      I cannot get the CA add-in to load properly in VS. I've tried installing both the latest release and beta release. When I activate the add-in I get the error:


      The Add-in 'CAToolBar.connect' failed to load or caused an exception. Would you like to remove this Add-in?

      Error Message: Class not registered

      Error number: 80040154


      Below is some information about my VS instance.

      Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
      Version 8.0.50727.762  (SP.050727-7600)
      Microsoft .NET Framework
      Version 2.0.50727 SP2

      Installed Edition: Professional

      AMD CodeAnalyst Performance Analyzer   2.93.705
      For more information about AMD, see the AMD website at
      For customer support, please email CodeAnalyst.support@amd.com.
      Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

      Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition - ENU Service Pack 1 (KB926601)  
      This service pack is for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition - ENU.
      If you later install a more recent service pack, this service pack will be uninstalled automatically.
      For more information, visit http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926601

      Qt Visual Studio Integration   (1.3.3)
      Qt Integration for Visual Studio .NET

        • VS Add-in fails to load

          Hello Horakj,

          The Visual Studio integration has changed from the CAToolBar add-in to an integrated package.

          It sounds like the CAToolBar add-in didn't get properly un-installed, so I recommend that you go to the menu item Tools | Add-in Manager... and un-check the CAToolBar.connect add-in.

          Since you can see the CodeAnalyst in the About box, it is integrated properly.  The tool window and tool bar should show up automatically when you open a project.  If you want to force the tool window to show up, you can use the menu item View | Other Windows | AMD CodeAnalyst.  If you want to force the toolbar to show up, you can use the menu item View | Toolbars | AMD CodeAnalyst.

          I hope this helps.

            • VS Add-in fails to load

              Hello Frank,

              Thanks for the response. I'm still working to fix this issue. I uninstalled CA through Add and Remove programs. After restarting my computer, I verified that CA was not listed in the VS About box. Then I reinstalled (using the beta installer), and restarted again.


              Now the add-in does not appear in the Add-in manager but the package is listed in the VS About box. Further, AMD CodeAnalyst does not appear under the toolbar or other windows sub-menus. Finally, a gray pane (where I presume CA would appear) appears docked next to the other VS panes (Solution Explorer, etc). When I auto-hide this pane, it collaspes to an empty tab.


              Is there anything else I can try? CA works fine standalone, but I'd really like to get the integration working!

                • VS Add-in fails to load


                  You have to open a solution before the CodeAnalyst tool window will display anything useful.  For the Visual Studio integrated part, the CodeAnalyst project is tied to a Visual Studio solution.

                  When the Visual Studio integration was installed, it should have integrated with the Visual Studio help too, so you might be able get more ideas about how to use it from the AMD CodeAnalyst contents.