Illegal to call scatter kernel from any kernel

Discussion created by fandango on May 10, 2009
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Hello again,

What does this error mean?

I have two kernel function.

kernel void motion_estimation(unsigned char src[], unsigned char ref[], int width, int height, out double sad[])

kernel int estimate_macroblock_4x4(unsigned char mbs[],
                                   unsigned char mbr[],
                                   int i,
                                   int j,
                                   int width,
                                   int height, 
                                   out double sad[])

The first calls the second one.

The streams defenition is

    brook::Stream<unsigned char> srcStream(rank, streamSize);
    brook::Stream<unsigned char> refStream(rank, streamSize);

    // copying data from input buffer to input stream;;

    // creating the output stream
    streamSize[0] = width / 16 * height / 16;

    rank = 1;

    // creating the output stream
    streamSize[0] = width;
    streamSize[1] = height;
    rank = 1;

    brook::Stream<double> sad(rank, streamSize);

As you can see I don't fully understand you stream conception, because of poor documentation.

Can you advice me something?