further back trace of function calls possible?

Discussion created by aracos on May 6, 2009
CSS enabled leads only to stl::* functions, is a further backtrace possible?

Hi all,


Short description of the Program and the used analyses:


The Application I am trying to analyze uses multiple processes and communicates with an own implementation of an event system. How to react on every event is based on the data passed with these events.


When I want to analyze the application, I use a batch file to start the different executables. I have CSS enabled with the largest possible 'callstack unwind level' from within the GUI (72).


Since I am only interested in finding the bottlenecks within my application, I use the Time based profile. If I look at the data after running the profile the results indicate that my bottleneck lies within stl operations, mostly within the creation and comparison of std::string and std::vector.

<quote>std::basic_string<wchar_t, std:.char_traits<whcar_t>,std::allocator<wchar_t> >::assign</quote>


If I look at the CSS stack of the application, I can locate the stl calls I see within the profile data, but the ancestors only lead to other stl operations.




I have searched the documentation and the forum for the possibility to backtrace the function call further with no result.

Which brings up two questions:

  1. is it possible to configure the profiler to only list hits within a define binary/executable(s)?

  2. how do I find the parent of the parent of a operation, I.e. from the STL?


I hope I have described the problem accurately enough.



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Kai Henkel