Typos in Programmer's Manual Volume 6 ?

Discussion created by agner on May 4, 2009
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Possible errors in spec. for new XOP instructions

I was happy to see the new Programmer’s manual volume 6 which has made a lot of modifications for the sake of compatibility with the VEX coding scheme. Such a revision was certainly a wise thing to do (see thread )

As I started to put the new codes into my disassembler ( ) I found some inconsistensies that might be typos:

Page 114ff: The instructions VFRCZPS/PD/SS/SD have opcodes 81,80,83,82 respectively. I believe this should be 80,81,82,83 respectively.

Page 124: The code for VFRCZSS is specified in the YMM version only (L=1). I believe the XMM version (L=0) will be available first.

Page 29, table 1-5: The source operands in 3-operand instructions are swapped when XOP.W = 0 and not swapped if XOP.W = 1 (relative to the order the operands have on instructions that don't allow swapping). It is opposite for 4-operand instructions (table 1-2). This is inconsistent, but possibly correct.