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    Open64 for windows

      is it planned?

      hello, the new x86 open64 compiler suite sounds awesome. but sadly it's only for linux right now, is there a windows port planned?

        • Open64 for windows

          We currently do not have plans for a Windows port for x86 Open64 on the roadmap  However, we do want to understand from you if this is a requirement.  What kind of applications/workloads do you run on Windows?

          -David Coakley

            • Open64 for windows
              I'm designing a frontend for a new 64bit exclusive arabic programming language, and now since open64 supports x86-64 too, it looks like a very attractive backend option given its clean design and superior code performance. The only drawback would be exclusive linux support
                • Open64 for windows

                  I think a Windows port of this compiler is necessary.

                  I've just test some computation intensive library,  here I take the libsamplerate as example. MSVC output result is good, but not the best IMO. With SSE and /Qfast_transcendentals, the code should run 20% faster on Intel, but more than 20% slower on AMD! In contrast to the default parameters compilation.

                  The different micro-arch between AMD and Intel is always big problem. I believe that most benchmarks that show AMD are inferior should be challenged, if a AMD-favor compiler is presented.

                  Why AMD doesn't care Windows platform? That make no sense while considering its popularity.

                  I think a port that can incorporate with Visual Studio would be a good one. Since it's de-facto standard for windows development and there's a free edition available.