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    About IL and CAL


      I'm a freshman in AMD Stream Computing,I want ask about the relationship between CAL and IL?

      I think that CAL is a hardware driver which can recognize IL direcly and then pass the correspond binary command to the stream processors.Is it true?

      Another question is that if we can exploit the parallism of the process being executed by dynamical analysis technology(I'm working on that),is there any method that we can make use of CAL to improve our process(the process has a high arithmetic intensity)?


        • About IL and CAL

          IL is a language for writing kernels, while CAL is the frontend API for compiling and running IL kernels as well as creating streams.

          CAL is used to compile IL kernels, link them and create binaries. It's not so much a hardware driver as it is an API for building and running kernels.

          Using CAL, you can accelerate applications which map well to the streaming model. However, I would recommend you use Brook+ if you're just beginning, as it's much easier to get things running.