The domain is only support <>? not [][]?

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domian, stream, array




kernel void
domainAdd(double inCCCCCC,double inputStream[][], out double o[][])
       int2 position = instance().xy;
   int i=position.x;
   int j=position.y;


kernel void
domainAddStream(double inCCCCCC,double inputStream<>, out double o<>



the main:

 int blockSize=128; 

#define real double
 const unsigned int width = blockSize;
 const unsigned int height = blockSize;
 // Specifying the size of the 2D stream
 unsigned int streamSize[] = {width, height};
 // Specifying the rank of the stream
 unsigned int rank = 2;
 real* outputBuffer = new real[width * height];
 memset(outputBuffer, 0, width * height * sizeof(real));
 real* inputBuffer = new real[width * height];
 memset(inputBuffer, 1, width * height * sizeof(real));
 // Create a 2D stream of specified size i.e. 64x64 floating-point values   
 brook::Stream<real> *outputStream;
 outputStream=new Stream<real>(rank, streamSize); 
 brook::Stream<real> inputStream(rank, streamSize);;
 unsigned int start[] = {5,0};//(width,height)
 unsigned int end[] = {16,4};

 //domainAdd(1.0,inputStream.domain(start,end),outputStream->domain(start,end));// this will get the wrong answer