Radeon 3650 Extended Desktop

Discussion created by wfpeters on Apr 26, 2009
Application will not keep desktop settings when powered down and restarted.

I am using a Radeon 3650 and the latest Catalyst software as of 30 minutes ago. 2009.0317.2131.36902

NET Framework version 2.0.50727.3074  Vista 32 bit

I am running two displays: Samsung SyncMaster 2343 BWX at 2048 X 1152 and Princeton VL173 at 1280 X 1024.

A few versions ago the desktop configuration would be stored and maintained after a power restart.

Version 9.4 does not do that.  I have to change the primary display resolution to something lower and drag the secondary display to the #2 box and select extended desktop and save.  Then I have to do it again at which time the second display picks up its part of the desktop.  Then - third step - I have go back to primary display and reset to 2048 X 1152.  Of course, if I have manually configured desktop icons at any time before previous power down, when the next power up occurs, I have lost the icon position to the default order.  Frustrating to have to do this every time I power the system on.

Remember, didn't have to do this a few versions back - HOWEVER - the older versions were causing the primary display (2048 X 1152) to shutter at random and annoying times.  Version 9.4 cured the shuttering once the extended desktop is set up.