CodeAnalyst Error "Cannot open /dev/oprofile/buffer_size"

Discussion created by harindra on Apr 22, 2009
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CodeAnalyst problem



I'm trying out CodeAnalyst on Redhat Enterprise Linux WS release 4 on a 4 CPU Opteron (Each CPU is a Dual-Core AMD Opetorn processor 2218). I've installed (or so I think) everything correctly, but when I try running Codeanalyst on an application I get the following error


"Oprofile daemon failed to start

Reason: Cannot open /dev/oprofile/buffer_size.

Please check if:

1. The file exists

2. User in in "amdca" group".


From what I can see 

- Oprofile sampling driver is loaded (from "codeanalyst_init status")

- The file /dev/oprofile/buffer_size exists and is readable

- I am in group amdca


I've restarted codeanalyst, but get the same error.

What else do I need to check/fix?