Severe Problems with CAL and Catalyst 9.4 drivers

Discussion created by Gipsel on Apr 15, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2009 by ccmwtf
does not run under XP systems

I've got feedback from quite some users of my application claiming the CAL interface of the Cat9.4 just does not run correctly under WindowsXP (32 and 64bit versions). After some seconds to some minutes of intense GPU load the driver/CAL crashes (with or without a VPU recover event). That was not a problem with Catalyst versions 8.12 to 9.2. It appears to work under Vista though.

I'm aware that Cat 9.3 introduced a bug to the CAL libraries causing a quite similar behaviour under WinXP that was corrected with a hotfix. The release notes of the Cat 9.4 claim that bug is also fixed with the newest driver release, but it appears that this may be not the full truth.

Has anybody experienced similar problems with the Catalyst 9.4 driver?

Edit: Just for clarification, the kernels are not running several seconds or minutes. The kernels are designed to run less than 50ms each. But I call them in some kind of interleaved manner (using different tasks and different contexts) to get maximum GPU utilization. If you do just that, it crashes quite often with a VPU recover (should not do it either). So I went forward and synchronized the kernel calls with a mutex. The next kernel (from a different thread) is only called when the kernel before has really completed. That worked up to Cat 9.2 but stopped afterwards. It runs for some time but then randomly crashes the driver and simply do not return from a kernel call.