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    RenderMonkey TexCoord_0 error


      Hi guys,

      I've downloaded and installed RenderMonkey 1.82, I got in trouble when loading rfx files that worked fine in RenderMonkey 1.81. The weird situation is that if I rewrote the shader it works fine, but if I save the file and load it again I get the same error.

      I'm getting crazy, could you help me to figure out this issue?

      Here you are the error I get:

      OpenGL Preview Window: Error setting up vertex data for model 'Model': channel 'TexCoord_0' data is missing from the model.

        • RenderMonkey TexCoord_0 error

          One more issue about RM 1.82 and 1.81 is that I'm not able to load Collada files 1.3 and 1.4

          This is the errors I get:

          RENDERING ERROR(s):
          Invalid model file for model data 'Model' in pass 'Pass 0
          COLLADA Library: COLLADA_DOM Load Started.
          COLLADA Library: Loading meshes...
          COLLADA Library: No nodes found in visual scene..
          COLLADA Library: Could not load meshes from the COLLADA doc.. Error
          And this is the error log:
          // RenderMonkey Error Log Created 4/8/2009 6:18 pm
          [RmApplicationImpl.cpp] (line 454): SUCCEEDED RMEffectInit()
          [RmApplicationImpl.cpp] (line 461): SUCCEEDED AfxGetInstanceHandle()
          [RmApplicationImpl.cpp] (line 467): SUCCEEDED LoadAccelerators()
          [RmApplicationImpl.cpp] (line 473): SUCCEEDED AfxEnableControlContainer()
          I really hope someone could help me.....