Support for glCompressedTexImage3D ?

Discussion created by aeroflyer on Apr 8, 2009
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The recent line of Catalyst drivers really improved the compatibility with OpenGL. However the following OpenGL command does not seem to work properly in conjunction with the GL_TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY_EXT extension:

    glCompressedTexImage3D( GL_TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY_EXT, ... )

No matter what formats we try, we only get a black 3D texture. However if we feed uncompressed image data and let the driver to the DXT compression using glTexImage3D, the texture looks just fine. It seems like the command glCompressedTexImage3D is not yet supported? The same code works just fine on NVIDIA 3D cards, so I assume we are doing everything „correct“.

Could you give us an estimate if and when this command is implemented?