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    CS 4.x / CS 5.0 and DX11

      Just a little confused

      When I try and run the latest samples in the DXSDK, those involving DirectX 11 say they will use emulation...  However it says that 10.1 hardware runs the DX11 stuff on a slightly reduced feature set using CS 4.x...

      I have the 9.3 catalyst driver installed, I'm running an HD3870.  So should I be able to run these new samples at all?  I just assumed since ATI stream existed, and supports my card, and that the card is DX10.1, that it would support compute shaders in DX11.

      Win7 is looking cool, but all in all I think it's just a matter of time before I get back to Ubuntu... After all, I just don't like windows programming .