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    RenderMonkey Freezing

      My workspace file kills the RenderMonkey


      I'm translating my Cg shaders to GLSL and using RenderMonkey for that. I haven't got the entire effect setup done (things like uniform bindings, because I can't find how to bind something from structure to RenderMonkey variable). I'm basically just using it for writing code and compiling.

      On the latest compile it just froze. (Currently I have changed a part of the workspace by hand to be able to load it and edit it)

      My workspace file:

      Error.txt that appears in the workspace file folder:
      // RenderMonkey Error Log Created 4/3/2009 6:24 pm
      [RmApplicationImpl.cpp] (line 454): SUCCEEDED RMEffectInit()
      [RmApplicationImpl.cpp] (line 461): SUCCEEDED AfxGetInstanceHandle()
      [RmApplicationImpl.cpp] (line 467): SUCCEEDED LoadAccelerators()
      [RmApplicationImpl.cpp] (line 473): SUCCEEDED AfxEnableControlContainer()