acml sgemm error

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Hi All,


I installed my new redaon hd4870 1Gb and tested the sdk exemple, ans they seems to work fine.


I then installed acml-gpu and gcc 4.1.2.


my code is as follow :

#include "acml.h"
#include <stdlib.h>


    float *fA,*fB,*fC;

    fA = (float*)malloc(i*i*sizeof(float));
    fB = (float*)malloc(i*i*sizeof(float));
    fC = (float*)malloc(i*i*sizeof(float));

   ->FILL fa and fb

    sgemm('N', 'N', i, i, i, 1.0, fA, i, fB, i, 0.0, fC, i);




I compile this :

gcc run.cxx -I/opt/ati/acmlg1.0/gfortran64/include -L/opt/ati/acmlg1.0/gfortran64/lib -lacml -lacml_mv -L. -lgfortran -lCALBLAS -laticalcl -laticalrt -lm -lg2c

The execution gives the following :

ERROR: unable to allocate minimum uncached system (GART) memory

               Total   Available   Last Request
Local:       1024 MB       97 MB    838860800 ( 800 MB) ok
Remote (NC):    0 MB        0 MB      8519680 (   8 MB) FAILED
Remote (C):  2044 MB     1626 MB    419430400 ( 400 MB) ok

ERROR: Failed to initialize GPUs
ERROR: Failed to initialize GPU(s) for SGEMM

Does anyone have any idea/suggestion ?