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    SDK v1.4 hello_brook_d blivit

      What have I messed up here?

      The CAL v1.4 examples run, but the Brook+ v1.4 examples all have a variation on this theme:

      redgator@drax:HelloBrook> ../../../bin/CPP/lnx*/hello_brook_d
      ../../../bin/CPP/lnx_x86_64/hello_brook_d: symbol lookup error: ../../../bin/CPP/lnx_x86_64/hello_brook_d: undefined symbol: _ZN5brook4Pass5inputEiiNS_10AccessTypeE

        • SDK v1.4 hello_brook_d blivit

          Figgered it out. The old installation of /usr/local/amdbrook was getting confused with the new /usr/local/atibrook and the old libraries were being referenced.

          LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/atibrook/sdk/lib fixed it right up!

          Don't let this happen to you!

          (And I look too darned much like my avatar...)