ADL_SDK: Incorrect Doku ???

Discussion created by _BlackDragon_ on Mar 30, 2009
Latest reply on May 4, 2009 by Byron
Is the documentation up to date ???



i'm trying around with the ADL SDK a little bit, but it seems that the Documentation isn't at the current state. (Yes, installed the latest version of the driver 9.3  )

For example the function "ADL_Adapter_ClockInfo_Get" isn't available in the current version of the "atiadlxx.dll". No exported function can be found.

But in the documentation it has been explained and is still in use in the samples.

Why it is removed and not only be set to deprecated.

I try to translate this API to Delphi / Pascal.

I think it's a great SDK, but it would be more efficient and easier for developers to use it if it will be a the current state.