Unable to parse Kernel

Discussion created by Steven_Makoviac on Mar 30, 2009
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i'm trying to compile this kernel but i get the error: Error (syntax error) before 'int' int i = index.y+1;


kernel void funk(int array_heigth, float fu, float a[][], out float b[][])
 int2 index = instance().xy;

      float point1 = a[index.y][index.x];
     float point2 = a[index.y][index.x+1];
     float fr = fu * (point2-point1);
     b[index.y][index.x] = point1+fr;
     b[index.y][index.x+1] = point1-fr;
 int i = index.y+1;
 float pCoor;
  pCoor = 2.1f*3.1457f;