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      Hi folks,

      i've a problem with a Java program which is loading a dll to compute several things on the GPU. I trieded many things and at the moment i don't know, maybe it's a bug. Everytime i want to call a kernel the program crashes with a Java Exception: An unexpected error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

      I reduced everything to find the error but i can't find it, this is the kernel:

      kernel void sum(float a<>, float b<>, out float c<>
        c = a + b;


      This is the function in the dll that calls the kernel:

      JNIEXPORT void JNICALL funk
        (JNIEnv *env, jobject obj,)
       unsigned int ssize = 10000;
       const unsigned int DATA_SIZE = 10000;
       float data1[DATA_SIZE];
       float data2[DATA_SIZE];
       Stream<float> stream1(1,&ssize);
       Stream<float> stream2(1,&ssize);
       Stream<float> stream3(1,&ssize);
       float data3[DATA_SIZE];
       std::copy(data3,data3+DATA_SIZE,ostream_iterator<float>(cout," "));


      This is how i compile the dll:

      cl.exe  /EHsc -I%jdkp%  -I%jdkw32% -I%brook% -I%common% -LD main.cpp gpu.cpp -FeGPU_DLL.dll /link /LIBPATH:%brooklibs% %libs%

       The whole thing works as a normal program, but in the dll it crashes. If i remove the kernel call ( sum(stream1,stream2,stream3)) from the program there is also no Error.  Every call from the dll to the GPU causes an error. What i'm doing wrong?