GPU not detected

Discussion created by swapna on Mar 25, 2009
The program does not detect the card

hi there

i have the ATI Radeon HD 2400 pro Graphics card. i am using WindowsXP 32bit. I have installed SDK v1.4. Catalyst version 9.1. and i am using UltraVNC for remote access. to run the sample programs i use Visual Studio 2005.

when i run the utility FindNumDevices present in the bin folder of cal sdk i get the Device Count =0. why is the card not detected by the utility?

even when i run the utility locally on the system on which the card is inserted it gives the device count as 0 when it should have returned 1.

then i run the OpenCloseDevice utility. in that too it shows that: there was an error in opening the device.

is there  any other way that i can find if the device is actually detected or not? may be through some DeviceID or version or something like that?