Option in CCC to add Post proccessing effects...

Discussion created by perk on Mar 20, 2009
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bloom, motion blur etc.

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible for Ati to add a feature

that could add shader effects to any D3D game that could support it.

Like bloom etc with sliders that we could adjust to our satisfaction.

I remember ages ago there was a feature (cannot remember if it was Ati of Nv)  that had a few shader options,  you could select one of them,  and  it would be in the game. Like black and white was one of them. When selected the game would be black and white not colour.

Somthing on the lines of that, but a bit more advanced hopefully.


Edit: Found what I was talking about...

The SMARTSHADER Effects option allows users to enable certain shader effects for older, pre-shader games. Some of these shader effects, for example, will render an older game into a stylized black and white image, or cast an X-ray-like contrast across the display, or more. SMARTSHADER works for both D3D and OpenGL.