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Discussion created by rveldema on Mar 18, 2009
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brook+ kernel with different stream sizes

Given a kernel with different parameter stream sizes,  I'd like my kernel to be called the number of times for the 1st (smaller) stream size. It looks almost as if currently its called for the largest stream?

For example, given:
      kernel void   gpgpu_1_foo(float     iter_space<>,
              int       looplen,
              int       arr[],

              out int   arrCopy[]) {   arrCoPy= arr + 3;  }

where iter_space contains 32 elements and arr and arrCopy contain 64 elements, the kernel gets called 64 times currently (where I want it to be 32 times). I can see this by printing arrCopy in c++ after.

I found that you can write (in c++):  "gpgpu_1_foo.domainSize(32)" but that seems to have no effect or it does something else...

Cheers, Ronald.