SB700 register documentation?

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sorry if this is not the appropriate forum. Feel free to redirect me elsewhere.


I'm a coreboot developer (free x86(-64) BIOS replacement) and the availability of public documentation on the SB600 and the RS690 has helped improve and maintain the 690/SB600 code in coreboot. We coreboot developers maintain a list of public AMD processor/chipset programming documentation here:


Thanks for these docs!


Unfortunately, mainboards with 690/SB600 chipset are increasingly hard to get, so I'm investigating how much effort it would be to update the SB600 code in coreboot to support SB700/SB710/SB750.


Is there a release of the following docs planned (I don't know the exact names)? <edit>Creative googling turned up some document numbers</edit>

  • AMD SB700 RRG (Register Reference Guide) #43009
  • AMD SB700 RPR (Register Programming Requirements) #42413
  • AMD SB700 BDG (BIOS Developer's Guide) #43366

Same question applies to RX780/RD780 (#43291, #43451, #43734), but I don't want to overwhelm you with requests. ;-)


There are quite a few coreboot developers (including me) standing by waiting for docs to immediately support popular desktop/server mainboards.


Thanks for any info on the topic.