Do you have to make contracts with amd to use their cpus in  a devices?

Discussion created by hockey97 on Mar 13, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2009 by stroia

Hi, I am trying to figure out  if I want to make some eletronic device and decide I want to use AMD'S cpu and gpu's  would I need to get rights from amd to use their cpu and gpu in my system?


Or does that come automaticly when you just buy the cpu's and gpus?


I want to know this cause I want to develope a system and hoping to  have this device in the commercial market.

I  assume I would need to talk with AMD and pay some royalties to them for using their cpus in my systerm.

I never made items for the commercial market so I am inexperience in getting some product into the market with using  cpus and gpus from manufactors.

Since I took some business class I was told that any device that you didn't make you need to contact thoses owners to make deals else  if the product your taking from another company to put it into yours  and if it has patents on it they can sue me for pantent infringment.

So I thought why not ask here.


so just a recap :  I want to know  if  I can use AMD cpu,gpu  in m y own eletronic system for commercial market.

Meaning I plan to sell this if  all things go well.