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    SDK 1.4 Feedback


      Now that 1.4 has been released to the public, we would like feedback on it un order to further improve future releases of the SDK. we would appreciate your help in providing feedback in this thread so that the information does not get buried in other threads. Please make sure you label each item as a 'Feature Request', 'Bug Reports', 'Documentation' or 'Other'. As always, you can send an email to 'streamcomputing@amd.com' for general requests or 'streamdeveloper@amd.com' for development related requests.

      If you wish to file a Feature Request, please include a description of the feature request and the part of the SDK that this request applies to.

      If you wish to file a Bug Report, please include the hardware you are running on, operating system, SDK version, driver/catalyst version, and if possible either a detailed description on how to reproduce the problem or a test case. A test case is preferable as it can help reduce the time it takes to determine the cause of the issue.

      If you wish to file a Documentation request, please specify the document, what you believe is in error or what you believe should be added and which SDK the document is from.

      Thank you for your feedback.
      AMD Stream Computing Team

        • 1. SDK 1.4 Feedback

          where is libaticalcl.so? I only find libamdcalcl.so in /usr/lib64. You guys give three different names from v1.2 to v1.4. What a mess! Why?

          • 2. SDK 1.4 Feedback

            Update your driver to catalyst 9.2.

            SDK 1.4 is intended to work with Catalyst 9.2 and later.

            Catalyst 9.2 comes with the required aticalcl.so/aticalrt.so etc.

            • 3. SDK 1.4 Feedback

              For curiosity: what is the target version/estimated availability for OpenCL 1.0 support?

              In v.1.3 description was stated that OpenCL will be supported upon standart availability.

              • 4. SDK 1.4 Feedback

                Could you confirm this under Linux?

                • 5. SDK 1.4 Feedback

                  tgm: I am using sdk 1.4 on ubuntu 8.10 64-bit. I have installed catalyst 9.2 and its working for me.

                  • 6. SDK 1.4 Feedback

                    Feature request for driver: Please increase limit of pinned memory. On 64-bit linux systems, the limit appears to be 16mb. This restricts usage of calResCreate2D to small array sizes. How should I report this feature request to the driver team?


                    • 7. SDK 1.4 Feedback


                      Originally posted by: rahulgarg tgm: I am using sdk 1.4 on ubuntu 8.10 64-bit. I have installed catalyst 9.2 and its working for me.


                      Sorry, I didn't make my problem clear. The card on my system is Firestream9250. It seems that there is no support?

                      • 8. Documentation - Slowdown issue?

                        After looking at the release notes, it is still not clear to me whether one still has to call strem.error() after kernel calls to avoid the slowdown issue.

                        • 9. Documentation - Slowdown issue?

                          You need not to make this call any longer. This has been fixed.

                          • 10. Documentation - Slowdown issue?

                            I've just installed Windows XP, which driver i've to install so use the SDK 1.4? I've a Firestream 9250.

                            • 11. BUG(?): CPU Backend not working?

                              I just upgraded to 1.4 beta and found out that the CPU backend doesn't seem to work any more. It seems to hang in streamRead().

                              Is this a known issue?



                              • 12. SDK 1.4 Feedback: int4/float4 conditional expressions

                                brook 1.3 issues warning related to conditional expressions, e.g.,

                                test_int4.br(13) : WARN--1: conditional expression must have scalar type. On short vectors, assumes x components as condition
                                                 Statement: (int4 ) (imask == tmp) in tmp = ((int4 ) (imask == tmp)) ? (XXX4) : (tmp)

                                However, code relying upon component-wise conditional evaluation worked and produced correct results, i.e., the warning appeared incorrect.

                                brook 1.4 elevates this warning to an error which causes code that worked to not be compilable anymore, e.g.,

                                em_fdtd_gpu.br(96) : ERROR--1: : conditional expression must be a scalar data type.

                                        Statement: iz == mz4 in ex001 = iz == mz4 ? ex00o.yzwx : ex001
                                        Expression : iz, Type : float4
                                        Expression : mz4, Type : float4

                                 Note: Use built-in functions any() or all() when you are using relational operators on vector data types

                                As example of code that worked under 1.3 despite warning, consider below,

                                kernel void test_int4_gpu_kern( int n, int4 s_src<>, out int4 s_dst<> ) {

                                    const int4 XXX4 = int4(65535,65535,65535,65535);
                                    int4 imask = int4(n,n,n,n);
                                    int4 tmp = s_src;

                                    /* works with brtvector.hpp patch */
                                    tmp = ((int4)(imask == tmp))? XXX4 : tmp;

                                    s_dst = tmp;

                                test_int4_gpu( int n, int m, int* ia, int* ib ) {

                                    int n4 = n/4;
                                    int i;
                                    int4 s_ia<n4>;
                                    int4 s_ib<n4>;


                                int main(int argc, char** argv) {

                                    int i;
                                    int n = 40;
                                    int* ia = (int*)malloc(n*sizeof(int));
                                    int* ib = (int*)malloc(n*sizeof(int));

                                    for(i=0;i<n;i++) {
                                        ia = i;
                                = 0;

                                    for(int m = 0; m < 12; m++) {


                                        for(i=0;i<n/4;i++) {
                                            printf("%d: %x %x %x %x -> %x %x %x %x\n",



                                    if (ia) free(ia);
                                    if (ib) free(ib);



                                This test code "sweeps" a value through the int4 data and masks out values component-wise to 0xffff.  here is part of output showing component-wise application  of conditional expression.

                                0: 0 1 2 3 -> ffff 1 2 3
                                1: 4 5 6 7 -> 4 5 6 7
                                2: 8 9 a b -> 8 9 a b
                                3: c d e f -> c d e f
                                0: 0 1 2 3 -> 0 ffff 2 3
                                1: 4 5 6 7 -> 4 5 6 7
                                2: 8 9 a b -> 8 9 a b
                                3: c d e f -> c d e f
                                0: 0 1 2 3 -> 0 1 ffff 3
                                1: 4 5 6 7 -> 4 5 6 7
                                2: 8 9 a b -> 8 9 a b
                                3: c d e f -> c d e f








                                • 13. SDK 1.4 Feedback

                                  Does 1.4 support double precision math functions? These are kinda important for scientific computing.

                                  • 14. SDK 1.4 Feedback

                                    1. Feature Request: Local arrays in a high level language. I'm pretty sure that this is going to be necessary for OpenCL, so I imagine that you guys are already working on this for OpenCL.

                                    2. Documentation: ISA examples for CAL. I can't seem to get ISA code generated by the AMUDISASM (which generated both header and footer) program to work, I keep getting parser error, I've posted about this several times with little/no response other than "it's not recommended".

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