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    Instrumentation profiling


      Can Code analyst be used to do instrumentation profiling? Cause the tbp and ebp look like sampling profiling only. Please someone let me know.

        • Instrumentation profiling

          If you are talking about Instruction Based Sampling, then yes, CA supports all of that.

          In general, what do you mean by "instrumentation"?


            • Instrumentation profiling

              Hi --

              Generally, "instrumentation" refers to a performance measurement technique that adds extra code to a program to take measurements. The code can be added at either the source level or binary level.

              CodeAnalyst does not support instrumentation.

              Instruction-Based Sampling is a new feature on AMD Family 10h processors. As the name implies, IBS is also a statistical sampling technique. The sampling method collects more event information per IBS sample and precisely associates the event information with the instruction that caused the events, i.e., no sampling skid.

              Hope this help!

              -- pj