Driver install problem - AMDLLD64.sys error

Discussion created by marcjappe on Mar 10, 2009
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I'm having troubles when installing my AMD device drivers on Windows Vista 64 Enterprise Edition.

While Installing my pc I have set my memory ratings on the BIOS v1.5 to 1:2.66 to have him understand I have 1066Mhz memory blocks.
When I additionally install Windows Vista without any driver, my computer works fine. When I install the Motherboard drivers (chipset etc.) with the CD, all still works great. After that I installed my videocard drivers and from then on I receive an AMDLLD64.sys error when windows is started (when it starts showing the desktop it restarts) by deleting the AMDLLD64.sys file in safe mode I am able to get into Windows Vista again and remove the AMD videocard drivers. After this I updated the whole system, newest drivers from MSI, I read about AMD Power Management Tool which updated and replaced the AMDLLD64.sys file and I downloaded the newest AMD ATI videocard drivers. I installed it all and the same thing happened, a blue screen.

My system configuration:
I'm running a Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition on a MSI K9A2 platinum (790FX) motherboard with 2x2GB 1066mhz OCZ Reaper memory and a Sapphire 4870 1GB ddr5 videocard, all connected to a Coolermaster 700W Powersupply.

The Phenom processor is also not recognized by Windows Vista, but I hope to fix this with a MSI BIOS update to Beta v1.74 which according MSI should recognize the Phenom II 940.

Hope anyone can help me out... I really want to enjoy this system.