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    createvideodecoder disables deinterlace


      IDirectXVideoDecoderService::CreateVideoDecoder swicthes already created VideoProcessor to DXVA2_VideoProcBobDevice, no matter what better quality de-interlace GUID it was created with.
      Happens only on ATI, on nVidia works fine.
      IDirectXVideoProcessor::GetCreationParameters still returns best GUID selected, but video quality for sure decreases and looks like BOB deinterlacing.
      My question is: Does the VideoDecoder need to be synchronized with VideoProcessor on ATI? Is something happening with video memory, the better de-interlaces can not use it any more after creating VideoDecoder? Bob is the best DEI which does not need back/forward buffers, but is still HW device. What to do to ensure best DEI quality with VideoDecoder created?

      jachu19@go2.pl (developer)