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    SuperLU with ACML

      Using ACML's BLAS library in SuperLU

      Hi folks,

      I'm trying to use ACML's BLAS library in SuperLU


      and somehow not bein able to manage that. ACML's blas library is not recognized as a library by SuperLU make process. Anyone experienced such thing?

        • SuperLU with ACML

          I was able to build SuperLU and run the examples with ACML.  You did not specify anything about your enviroment, so I describe what works for a 64-bit SuSE linux with GCC/GFORTRAN 4.3.1 installed.

          I started with the make.linux file found in MAKE_INC.  I used this to overwrite the default make.inc, which is meant for use with PowerPC processors. 

          I then change a few lines, starting with using gfortran instead of g77 in the definition of FORTRAN.  For LOADOPTS, I add -lgfortran

          The BLASLIB line should point to the acml, for instance:

          BLASLIB = /opt/acml4.2.0/gfortran64/lib/libacml.a

          Finally, the CDEFS defaults to -DAdd__ (two underscores).  Change this to -DAdd_ (only one underscore).    I did not define anything for MATLAB. 

          Aside from changing the location of SuperLUroot, those are the only makefile changes.  I did have to modify SRC/superlu_timer.c since the times() system routine did not work for my SuSE install.  I just reused a few lines of code from the body of the HPL_ptimer_walltime routine found in the HPL benchmarks.

          Then I was able to build, and run the examples.