brook+ allows reuse of stream objects?

Discussion created by rveldema on Mar 4, 2009
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stream reuse

Is it allowed to reuse stream objects as in:


kernel void work(input<>, out float[]) {...}

    brook::Stream<float> inputStream(rank, streamSize);

    unsigned int streamSizeScatter[] = {height, width};
    brook::Stream<float> outputStream1(2, streamSizeScatter);
    brook::Stream<float> outputStream2(2, streamSizeScatter);

   work(inputStream, outputStream1,  12345);

   // inputstream hasn't changed between these work() calls,

 // lets reuse it!

   work(inputStream, outputStream1, 6789);


The problem that I'm seeing in my application is lots of small arrays

being copied from host to GPU and back.

Reusing streams would help a lot!


Also, a stream output by one kernel and is used

as input to another kernel, is that data kept in GPU memory in the mean time

to reduce copying?