Shared global resource

Discussion created by plaicy on Feb 26, 2009


in the stream computer using guide is written (page B-3):
"Memory resources are not directly addressed by contexts; instead, they create memory handles from a memory resource for any specific context.  This allows access to the same memory resource by two memory contexts through two memory handles."

Does this includes write access to a shared resource from different contexts?

I have a global resource and two kernels (same effect for a local as for a remote resource).  This global resource is bound to both kernels.  The kernels access disjunctive addresses in the global resource.  Both Kernels are started at the same time (calCtxRunProgram and calCtxIsEventDone).

If I use one context for both kernels everything works fine.  If I use two contexts I only have the effect of one kernel.

Is write access with two contexts to the same resource not possible or may I have an error in my program?