Generating CALimage buffer from amuasm

Discussion created by MichaelChampigny on Feb 26, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2009 by ryta1203

Can I use amuasm to read in an IL file and generate a ISA suitable for reading into calImageRead?

I'm looking for a tool to assemble IL into GPU-specific code that I can later pass to calImageRead, resulting in a CALimage.

The "help" on amuasm shows:

  textfile containing asm ascii source

Is this GPU-specific assembly or intermediate assembly (i.e., IL)? I assume since you can pass a stream processor target on the command line, amuasm an accept IL files.

Obviously, it is easy enough to use calclCompiler, calclLink, and calImageWrite to do the same thing, but if I can make use of amuasm I'd rather go that route to generate kernels offline.