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    Different name for CAL libraries in Cat 9.2?

      amdcal*.dll got renamed to atical*.dll

      Just what the topic says. With the different names for those dll files existing Brook and CAL applications will simply fail when started on a system with the latest drivers. I'm sure that was not intended, but could the driver package get an update reverting to the old names?

        • Different name for CAL libraries in Cat 9.2?

          Hey Gipsel,

          I apologize for the inconvenience. This is a unfortunate delayed rebranding from AMD Stream to ATI Stream. Instead of leaving both branding messages out there, the decision was made to switch the naming. I totally understand that this causes a incompatibility with current apps. SDK 1.4 is due out in early March (next 2 weeks or so) and syncs up to the new CAL library names.

          Once again, sorry about the incompatibility. This was a one time event to make sure everything was synced up for the future.